Prof. Lorenzo Cantoni is scientific director of three laboratories at Università della Svizzera italiana (USI), which with their research and development competencies will collaborate and contribute to the Chair’s initiatives.

Labs is a research and development laboratory, which deals with a broad range of topics related to new media in communication in the eTourism field. combines a strong academic background and a relevant business experience. Research projects of encompass online communication strategies for destinations and tourism companies: (i) eWord-of-Mouth and destinations’ online reputation, (ii) eLearning and gaming in tourism, (iii) argumentation in user generated contents, (iv) usability and usages studies, and (v) websites’ information architecture.

NewMinE Lab: new Media in Education Laboratory is a research and development laboratory whose primary aim is to nurture a network of researchers working at the crossroads of education, technology, and development studies. The central mission of NewMinE is to develop theoretical and applied perspectives on enhancing and supporting education through the use of advanced technologies and interactive media, with a particular focus on underserved settings and underprivileged groups (ICT4D: Information and Communication Technologies for Development).

eLab: eLearning lab is a development lab with a goal to improve the quality of teaching at USI through the integration of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies). To achieve this goal, eLab provides USI faculties, departments, institutes, teachers, and collaborators with the necessary infrastructures and services. eLab intends to help USI teachers and teaching assistants to integrate the ICT in teaching and learning activities in an efficient and valuable way. The attention is put, therefore, on people and on their learning experience, rather than on technologies themselves. The “e” put in front of the word “learning” addresses the fact that technologies should serve education and not the other way round!

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