The project was launched in October 2014 as a spin-off of #faces4heritage, with a focus on the promotion of local heritage (Swiss and Northern Italy WHS) rather than on the destruction of heritage. The goal is to increase awareness among people – in particular young generations – about local tangible heritage as a valuable aspect of their culture, to be known, visited and promoted. To reach the goal the Facebook page of # faces4heritage was exploited, to build on an existing network and on an established narrative. Posts about Swiss and Northern-Italy World Heritage Sites are regularly published, aiming in particular at university students and young people.
Beside the communication / awareness raising goal, the campaign has also a methodological / research goal: to define and validate a suitable assessment / evaluation strategy. A pre-campaign test was conducted to measure the level of awareness of the selected public, as well as a post-test to measure the impact of the Facebook campaign.