USI UNESCO Chair participated in the 7th UNESCO UNITWIN conference “World Heritage and tourism innovation  – responding to the challenges in a changing world”, which took place between 15th and 20th May 2022 in Portorož, Slovenia, at the University of Primorska, Faculty of Tourism studies. The Chair’s delegates contributed in several ways:
       with a keynote speech by dr. Silvia De Ascaniis on “The role of digital media for sustainable tourism at heritage sites: A framework and some cases”
       in the PhD workshop
o    dr. Silvia De Ascaniis was co-chair and gave a talk on “Effective communication of science”
o    Elide Garbani-Nerini presented her ongoing PhD research on email marketing for smart destinations
       launching the “Handbook on Heritage, Sustainable Tourism and Digital Media”
       presenting 4 studies
o    “Towards a framework of cultural sustainability for World Heritage sites”, by Rafael Oliveira, Herbert Salgado, Silvia De Ascaniis, Renata Baracho, Lorenzo Cantoni
o    “Content personalisation in tourism email marketing: The case of Ticino Tourism”, by Elide Garbani-Nerini, Elena Marchiori, Lorenzo Cantoni
o    “Social media as management tool: New opportunities to leverage sustainable heritage destination development”, by Anđela Šormaz, Engelbert Ruoss
o    “eLearning courses for Tourism and Heritage during a pandemic: The case of ‘Tourism Management at UNESCO World Heritage Sites (vol.3)’, by Ilaria Rosani, Maria Gravari-Barbas, Silvia De Ascaniis, Lorenzo Cantoni
During the conference, a meeting of the UNITWIN network “Tourism, Culture, Development” was held. The group was welcomed by the vice-rector of the University of Primorska and visited the research centres of other faculties.
More information on the event can be found here: