In 2016, the Chair received an official mandate by the Swiss Commission for UNESCO (SCU) to perform a strategic analysis of its online communication and to help re-design it. The mandate was carried out in two steps. In the first phase, different methodologies were employed to analyze SCU’s communication activities: a benchmark analysis of the websites of other national commissions for UNESCO, an analysis of usages of the existing SCU’s online outlet (i.e. website, newsletter, videos), a usability analysis of intended users of the website, a user requirements elicitation analysis realized following the methodology URL: User Requirements with Lego (developed at USI). In the second phase, SCU’s new website has been designed and implemented, additionally, a clear editorial strategy and guidelines for Search Engine Optimization were defined.
Differently from the previous version, which was published only in German and French, the new website is also fully available in Italian. eLab of USI ( was in charge of the design, development, and technical support. The website is addressed to a varied audience, providing contents and services to institutional and policy actors, professionals, academia, civil society. The renewed version is now available at the following address: