The UNESCO Chair of USI is pleased to announce the launch of a new digital exhibition is out on Google Arts & Culture.

Titled “Al-Khandaq and its Architecture”, this exhibition wants to tell the rich and complex history of Al-Khandaq, a town situated in Sudan, approximately 65km South of Dongola (the Northern Capital of Sudan). Thanks to its strategic position along the Nile river, Al-Khandaq attracted many travelers who settle there. Through this exhibition, we wanted to showcase how the town’s architecture has evolved and adapted to various ethnic influences, particularly focusing on the decorations of multi-story buildings constructed from mud and mud brick that are found only in Al-Khandaq. Despite their diverse backgrounds, the people of Al-Khandaq are really proud of their unique identity, that they call themselves as “Khandaqawi”. They are now building a museum in order to preserve the city’s historical legacy and serve as a cultural hub for the community.

Today, Al-Khandaq is on the tentative list to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site, thanks to its remarkable architectural heritage and the tireless efforts of its people to protect and preserve their beloved homeland.

This digital exhibition is a collaboration done by Ahmed Adam, Lorenzo Cantoni and Susanna Phan.

Enjoy the digital exhibition by following this link: click here.