In cooperation with 33 Indonesian universities nationwide involving 156 Indonesian bachelor students, International iWareBatik Ideas Hackathon Event 2021 was held on 15 and 29 October 2021. At this event, the students presented an interactive 5-minute English pitch presentation of their ideas on technology for culture aiming at valorising the exceptional cultural values of Indonesian traditional textiles (Batik, woven textiles, embroideries, Papuan Noken, etc.), as well as how to better understand its valorisation in a way that supports the sustainable development of local communities through tourism and related creative industry such as fashion. The jury members comprised of PhD candidates, professors and collaborators at USI UNESCO Chair from Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Hungary, and the founder of Bandung Fe Institute, Indonesia.

This event has gone through a series of national workshop activities (iWareBatik User Experience Workshop) which was attended by 926 undergraduate students from Sabang to Merauke in 17 batches from August to October 2021. A total of 628 participants participated in and submitted innovation essays on technology and culture which were strictly evaluated to select the best essays for the iWareBatik Ideas Hackathon event. A total of 156 best essays participants representing 33 universities presented Ideas on innovative digital technologies for cultural textile heritage in the first round of the iWareBatik Idea Hackathon 2021 virtual competition, held on October 15, 2021. This event was attended and opened by the Directorate General of Economic Development and Village Investment of the Ministry Village, and Transmigration and representative officials from the Ministry of Education and Culture, Republic of Indonesia. The live streaming of the first round can be accessed in, while the final round live streaming can be accessed in

All the participated delegates receive ranks and titles based on their presentation skill namely Grand Challengers (the 15 group finalists) and Prime Defenders (the 18 non-finalist groups). The final competition took place on 29 October 2021 where 4 groups/universities comprised of 18 delegates received Supreme Diamonds as the title of Champion.

  • The 1st Supreme Diamond: State University of Malang, East Java
  • Runner Up Supreme Diamond: Islamic State University of Surabaya  (UIN Surabaya) of East Java
  • The 3rd Supreme Diamond: two groups from Surakarta Mandala Bhakti Tourism Academy, Central Java and Polytechnic of Sambas of West Kalimantan.