The research project “eLearning for tourism during COVID-19” was started within the Erasmus+ project. Its first paper “eLearning for tourism during COVID-19. Learning from students’ perspectives. A pilot study” presents a pilot study on the experiences and challenges of eLearning, which several tourism students described during three focus group discussions conducted from April to June 2021. It also aims at understanding the impact of the digital media, as well as Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) used for learning tourism. Moreover, since international tourism had decreased massively, a main underlying question regarding the motivation of students to (continue to) study tourism emerged. This also connects to the issue of sustainable tourism development. As the industry attempts to recover from a crisis, so does tourism education, which gives scholars the opportunity to rethink the current curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment including reflections on a more sustainable tourism education.¬†

The paper is open source and can be downloaded here: