Dr. Rafael Oliveira, an external research associate at the UNESCO Chair of USI, participated in UNESCO training on the enabling contribution of culture to the national and local implementation of the Goals and Targets of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Selected from the latest group of professionals in the UNESCO/EU Expert Facility, 45 experts are committed to advancing evidence-based policies and actions to enhance the contributions of creative sectors and industries to sustainable development. Sponsored by the European Union, this initiative underscores UNESCO’s dedication to championing the significance of culture in sustainable development efforts.

Comprised of experts from diverse regions and disciplines, this network aims to assist Member States in implementing the UNESCO Culture|2030 Indicators. Additionally, they are ready to provide support in capacity building, analytical reporting, and the development of indicators tailored to address emerging challenges such as Peace Building and Climate Change.

The success of this workshop has positioned these cultural experts as pivotal players in the global development landscape. Following their training, these experts are prepared to collaborate with national and local authorities to effectively implement the UNESCO Culture|2030 Indicators, thus furthering the integration of culture into sustainable development strategies worldwide.