The conference of the Regional Tourism Organisation of Southern Africa was held in Pointe aux Piments, Mauritius on April 23-24, 2015. The program on “Promoting Sustainable Tourism Development through the Involvement and Participation of the Youth” welcomed numerous discussions and presentations on opportunities for the young generations and the communities through gamification, awareness-raising activities, and sustainable tourism.

The detailed program is here.


Prof. Lorenzo Cantoni and  Asta Adukaite participated to the conference. They presented “Capacity Building Programs for the Youth in Tourism Southern Africa” and their contribution to the WHACY Game – World Heritage Awareness Campaign for Youth in Southern African Development Community (SADC).


The chair-holder of UNESCO in ICT to develop and promote sustainable tourism in World Heritage Sites also held a keynote on eLearning and eTourism.


This beautiful picture represents from left to right, Professor Cantoni, the current Junior Minister of Tourism within Regional Tourism Organisation of Southern Africa: Zibusiso Mtunzi, the former one: Olavi Hangula and Asta Adukaite at the Youth in Tourism Conference.

Southern Africa Youth in Tourism Conference3

Students from Hindu Girls’ College in Mauritius are playing WHACY!

This lady has got one of the best scores ever on the WHACY Game. Congratulations!


From the left: Junior Deputy Minister and Junior Ministers (both current and former ones) of Tourism in SADC playing WHACY and discovering the 39 World Heritage Sites of the SADC!


Your turn to try! Play the WHACY Game!

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