The USI UNESCO Chair contributed to the ENTER22 with three full papers. Moreover, Prof. Lorenzo Cantoni moderated a research track.
Our first presenters on Day 2 of the conferencewere Elide Garbani-Nerini and Elena Marchiori! Together with chair-holder, Lorenzo Cantoni, they contributed to the conference with two full papers: (1) Destinations and Data. State-of-the-art in Switzerland and Liechtenstein ( and (2) Understanding Preferences in Tourism Email Marketing (! Soha Ghezili and Lea Hasenzahl presented their study on “eLearning for Tourism During COVID-19 – Learning from Students’ Perspectives. A Pilot Study.” ( on Day 3 of the conference. The paper was also co-authored with Prof. Lorenzo Cantoni .
This year’s contributions are another great example of how involved USI has been with eTourism research. In fact, we belong to the Top 5 contributing institutions to ENTER. You can read the paper about it here:…/10.1007%2F978-3-030-94751-4_40