We are delighted to announce the publication of the MARKS brochure summarizing the main outcomes of the MARKS Interreg project, at which USI collaborated.
MARKS stands for “Monumental Arboreto for the historical network and the knowledge management of innovative spaces.” It represents an integrated area project aimed at enhancing the cross-border territory between Switzerland and Italy, with a focus on promoting its cultural and environmental values.
As part of this initiative, the Universit√† della Svizzera Italiana (USI) has developed two digital resources centered around the Swiss artist Karl Schmid. Firstly, they have created a Wikipedia page dedicated to the artist, and secondly, they have curated three digital exhibitions on the Google Arts & Culture platform, showcasing and narrating some of Schmid’s notable works.
These exhibitions, titled “Experimenting with Shapes and Colors,” “Art Therapy,” and “Weapons for Peace,” provide an insightful exploration into the artist’s diverse themes and techniques.
The contents on Karl Schmid’s works are available in both Italian and English languages, accessible through the following link to the USI’s Google Arts & Culture page: USI Google Arts & Culture
Link to the wikipedia page: Wikipedia
Additionally, you can download the brochure for more information about the MARKS project at the following link: MARKS_Brochure_FineProgetto_2024