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  • IDEAL Summer School: photostory of the first week

    Hereafter a few pictures of an exciting first week of the Summer school Prof. Lorenzo Cantoni (USI Lugano, Switzerland) on eTourism   Prof. Marcel Danesi (Toronto, Canada) on Semiotics   One of the several groupworks   Dr. Silvia De Ascaniis (USI Lugano, Switzerland) on Argumentation applied to Online Travel Reviews   Prof. John Traxler (Wolverhampton, UK) on m Learning - Mobile Learning   Dr. Sara Vannini (USI Lugano, Switzerland) on Photo elicitation   The group visiting Monte San Giorgio, UNESCO World Heritage Site (natural)   The group visiting Bellinzona Castles, UNESCO World Heritage Site (cultural)   Read More »
  • Summer School IDEAL-Tourism 2014 Has Started!

    The first edition of the Summer School IDEAL-Tourism dedicated to Information Communication Technologies for promotion and development of sustainable tourism around cultural and natural destinations is currently happening in Lugano, Switzerland. The Summer School is organized by the UNESCO Chair and supported by KFPE and Università della Svizzera italiana. It is open to academics and practitioners, and in general to everyone interested in the practical application of digital technologies to the development and promotion of sustainable tourism at the World Heritage Sites. The School is divided into numerous specialized sessions with a variety of courses, group works, projects and discussions. The event is taking place from 25th August until 5th September,… Read More »
  • Réseau UNITWIN / UNESCO “Culture, Tourisme, Développement”

    Our UNESCO Chair has been accepted to be part of the Réseau UNITWIN / UNESCO "Culture, Tourisme, Développement". Hereafter a picture of members of the network at their meeting in Girona (Spain) in June 2014: Read More »
  • Summer School 2014 IDEAL-Tourism

    Information and communication technologies for promotion and development of sustainable tourism around cultural and natural destinations. The case of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites August 25-September 5, 2014 Università della Svizzera italiana USI Lugano – Switzerland Summer school IDEAL-Tourism seeks to contribute to capacity building and knowledge advancement in the interdisciplinary research field, cross fertilizing tourism and technology studies, and in particular around the use of ICTs for the promotion and development of sustainable tourism at cultural and natural destinations. More info Read More »
  • The Unesco Chair has been approved in Spring 2013, and established in September 2013

    The UNESCO chair is committed to perform extensive research and teaching on how ICT, especially the internet, can be effectively exploited to develop and promote sustainable tourism at the World Heritage Sites (WHSs), with a special emphasis on the southern hemisphere. Its scope touches and overlaps on the following fields: eTourism, eLearning, and ICT4D (ICT for Development). Furthermore, the chair attempts to facilitate the flow of best practices and state-of-the-art information among WHSs when it comes to online communication and presence. Read More »